Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer all of your questions!


We generally work in teams of 3. This provides our clients with a quicker service so you can enjoy your clean home faster! We work hard to keep the same friendly team assigned each time. Occasionally, we might send a team of 2 or 4 depending on that day’s schedule.

Our highly-skilled cleaners are eager for your home to be as fresh and clean as possible. We ask that you tidy up the living spaces and make sure the floors are clear of toys, shoes, and clothing. If you wish for us to change your linens, we ask that you leave a clean set of bedding sheets (fitted, flat, pillow cases) on top of each bed that is to be serviced.

Thank you for helping us ensure you have the best cleaning experience possible!

Great question! We provide all equipment and products to get every job done. If you have a product you absolutely love and would like our cleaning crew to use it, please leave it out on the counter. If there are any specific requirements, please leave a small note with your preferences. If you text or call us with this information, we will make sure to update our client notes for future reference as well!

If you need to cancel a cleaning or reschedule your appointment, please text/call us as soon as possible and we will take care of it. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible. We do require a 24 hours notice to avoid a late cancellation fee.

If you find you need to change your appointment time, simply text or call at (713) 480.1571 and we will work to find an alternative option for you. We ask for you to give us a 48-hour notice when rescheduling any service.

Payment is due at the time the cleaning is completed. You can leave the check with the team, or pay via Zelle or Venmo.

We always start recurring services off with a thorough deep cleaning. This gets your home in top-notch condition and ready for us to maintain the level of cleanliness.

We wish for your home cleaning to be as stress-free for your pet as it is for you. If your pet prefers to have its own space while people are in your home, feel free to place them in a safe and secure location. If you have a furry loved one that is particular about who you let in your home, we ask that you secure them outside or in a gated area for the safety of your pet and our cleaning crew.

If you plan not to be home when our cleaning team arrives, we ask that you let our team know during your initial consultation so we can establish safe and comfortable protocols for making your home sparkly clean.

Not at all! Our teams are ready to take care of all the cleaning while you are at work or out enjoying your day. You can leave a key or door open, or share a code to access the home.

For those who prefer to be home during the cleaning, no problem, we’re more than happy to work around you.

Ideally yes, but we can work around your needs. Just give us a call so we can be prepared. Keep in mind that in order to clean inside the cabinets, closets, and appliances, we need those areas clear of personal items.

Just a friendly reminder, make sure electricity and water are ON for your scheduled cleaning 🙂

We cannot clean animals' & humans' body fluids, blood, feces, vomit, cat litter boxes, bird cages & urine, or excretions.