Weekly Cleaning Service

Weekly House Cleaning Spring, TX

Having a consistently clean home provides a lot of benefits. Aside from the peace-of-mind factor, there’s also reduced stress and an overall improvement of quality of life. The trouble is, few of us have the time to go beyond regular chores like dishes and laundry. Whether you have a busy schedule, large family, or lack of motivation, weekly cleaning Spring, TX can provide the boost you need to enjoy a consistently clean home.

Here at U Have It Maid, we offer a variety of cleaning service plans, and weekly cleaning is one of the most popular. Twice monthly is often the perfect supplement to your regular household chores to avoid buildup of dust and grime and keep the home properly maintained.

Surprising Health Benefits of Weekly Cleaning Spring, TX

Sure, we want you to enjoy the way your home looks. However, our team also considers how the increased cleanliness of your home will make you feel. When your home isn’t regularly cleaned at an intricate level, certain health hazards become more of a risk. By investing in weekly house cleaning in Spring, TX, there are a few health benefits you could take advantage of that may surprise you:

  • Studies have indicated a clean room is linked to better sleep, and better sleep is directly linked to a longer, healthier life.
  • Cluttered spaces create stress, which can contribute to anxiety and depression. These conditions make you more susceptible to illness and decrease quality of life.
  • Research indicates people who live in consistently clean homes are more likely to make positive nutritional choices.

  • Excessive dust can exacerbate allergy symptoms.
  • Approximately 70% of homes have some degree of mold, and it’s often discovered during more intensive cleaning sessions.

The team here at U Have It Maid treats each client like one of our own.

We make it our goal to get to know you, your loved ones, and your home well enough to provide the precise weekly cleaning you need. As a family-owned company, we like to blend a familial aura into our working relationship to establish a level of trust you just don’t get with larger companies. When we perform your weekly cleaning, we’re not just focused on how to make your home look good but also how it will impact the health of you and your family. Call today to get a free quote.

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